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An overview of poultry industry in Pakistan

The poultry sector is an important part of agriculture industry in Pakistan. It contributes a significant 1.3% GDP to the country’s economy.

According to government figures, poultry became commercial industry in the country during 1960s when the demand for meat rose to a record level. It was poultry industry that met the demand by adopting the latest production standards. Poultry sector has been feeding Pakistan with healthy and hygienic chicken meat ever since.

poultry pakistan

It’s not that the poultry industry hasn’t faced any odds ever since. In fact, it has faced the biggest threat and that’s disinformation. How broiler is fed and what makes it grow so fast became a myth as poultry producers didn’t care to educate the public. Although it’s achieved through selective breeding, which is a our ancestral technology (from corn and banana to rose and dog and everything else has undergone selective breeding), many believe it’s the use of some genetic material. Now we have started an effort to discourage such myths and help people know the truth about what they are eating.

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But that’s not it. Poultry industry has also faced the dilemma of not getting the proper support from the government, both in terms of policy making and financial support. In his paper on Poultry Industry in Pakistan, J. Hussain and I. Rabbani wrote “During its evolution the industry enjoyed promotional policies of the Government, but has faced several challenges such as disease outbreaks and retail price fluctuations.” The authors go on to say ” Despite its important role in the country’s economy, not a single scientific study is available on its evolutionary history”.

Although there is some data available, it lack reliability and once can’t use it to study the evolutionary history of the industry in the country. Read the full article by HERE.


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