Busting Broiler Myths: Is Broiler Chicken Haram?

Busting Broiler Chicken Myths: Is Broiler Chicken Haram or Halal?

We have all heard this. Is broiler chicken haram?

There are so many other similar broiler chicken myths that need some investigation.

It’s baffling how people come up with questions like these. Those who ask this question base it on the following.

  • It eats ‘haram’ feed
  • It’s not slaughtered properly
  • The meat isn’t healthy

Although anyone with a brain could understand that all these allegations are ‘stupid’ at most, it’s still important to answer and explain these widespread misconception.

Busting Broiler chicken Myths: Is Broiler Chicken Haram?

Broiler chicken is 100% Halal – Broiler Chicken Myths Busted

Without going into much detail, broiler chicken is halal and you can eat it just the way you consume any other meat.

The first objection is about it’s feed. Broiler chicken feed is made of corn and some other natural foods. We have provided a detailed article here about feed and how its made.

According to Mufti Muneeb Ur Rehman, a chicken doesn’t have to eat halal food to be considered halal itself. As you know, chicken in the wild eats all sorts of things, including a lot of stuff that’s not ‘halal’. We love that chicken and never think that it has eaten anything haram. When broiler has eaten food made from all-natural foods, why worry about it?

If you are still not 100% sure, here is Mufti sahab answering this very question on a TV program.

Some people are concerned that the broiler chicken grows fast, it must be eating something unusual. They don’t think it’s haram to eat but still they have objections about what broiler is eating. Read this article that provides details on what broiler chicken eats and how it grows so fast in so little time.


About the other objects, if you bird is not slaughtered properly, it doesn’t have to do anything with broiler chicken in particular. It could be any meat. You should be careful to buy chicken from proper meat shops that you trust. If you buy from a local vendor, be sure to have the bird slaughtered in front of you.

Broiler meat is healthy

Coming down to the final objection, broiler meet is absolutely healthy. We have already explained its health benefits in a dedicated article here (health benefits of broiler meat). Go ahead and explore the benefits.

I hope all your questions are answered now. Go ahead and explore more content on the ChickytheChicken.com. There is a lot that Chicky wants to talk about.





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