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Do You Want to Start Poultry Business?

Poultry business is increasing day by day because the population is continuously increasing and demand for meat is also increasing. This increase in demand gives the spark to the people to start the chicken farming commercially. Many people tried to start and run this business but failed due to lack of knowledge, underestimation, and improper monitoring the birds.

So, before moving to the step by step guidelines, first take a look at the Business Over View;

Quick Over View of Poultry Business

In the world, approximately 80% population is depending on the veggies. Meat is not fulfilling the needs and this is creating a huge vacuum for this business. Among all the vegetarians, 50% of the total is occupied by the chicken meat. There are maximum opportunities are available to start a poultry business.

Do You Want to Start Poultry Business?

Moreover, if you are planning to start this high-profile business then you should be determined and select the right place for this business.  Generally, this business has to ways to start, by self or by integrated companies. We will guide you through this article about the starting of the broiler farming by self.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the step by step procedure and requirements;

To formulate your business plan, you need

  1. Capital
  2. Land to set up your farm
  3. Equipment
  4. Required skills
  5. Necessary workers
  6. Purchase of chicken flock
  7. Feed for each age level
  8. Medical Assistance
  9. Prerequisites to save from loss
  10. Increase your profits


Do You Want to Start Poultry Business?

The key to mobilizing your business model is your capital. There are different opinions about expenditure to start a poultry business. It actually depends upon your area and construction for the desired number of chicks. You need to buy land, construction material, equipment, which affects your estimated cost. So, no one can give the exact cost for broiler farming.


There are two types of broiler farms;

  1. Floor shed
  2. Cage shed

The average space for a single bird is 0.4 to 0.75 square feet. Now with the help of this figure, you can calculate the area according to your desired number of floor shed, are required for a single bird is 0.75 sq.ft and in case of cage shed, the required area is 0.4 sq.ft.


The most important need in this business is your equipment for broiler farming. The following equipment is needed, which are as under;

  • Incubation equipment
  • Egg handling equipment
  • Egg candler
  • Brooder equipment
  • Feeding equipment
  • Water equipment
  • Watering equipment
  • Vaccination equipment
  • Miscellaneous equipment

Required Skills

You must get proper knowledge about chicken farming. Many people face a huge loss due to their lack of knowledge. The need of the bird at each age level, it is very important to feed them properly and save them from diseases. Following are few required skills, which have key importance;

  • Select proper location for your shed
  • Purchase quality equipment from a renowned seller
  • Perfect installation of poultry equipment
  • Proper understanding about kinds of feed
  • Light, temperature, water, cleaning, and ventilation regulation
  • Knowledge about common chicken diseases
  • Collaboration with a veterinary doctor
  • Precautionary measures to administer any kind of medicine

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Necessary Workers

It is a fact that single person cannot perform all duties in the farm/shed. You need few skilled workers who can do different jobs according to the job requirement. Select only the hard worker and having knowledge about poultry business.

Purchase of Chicken Flock

Do You Want to Start Poultry Business?

After establishing and installation, you will have to move around to purchase the baby chicken flock. This is a very important step in this business which is known as the backbone of the whole business. You should make contact with a renowned and authentic source to buy the flock. Before entering into the contract, take a look at the birds to ensure that babies are active, having no infection, and their feathers are clear.

Feed for Each Age Level

There are few kinds of feed which are being used for different age levels, which are as under;

  • Starter chicken feed
  • Grower chicken feed
  • Layer chicken feed
  • Fermented feed

Prerequisites to Save from Loss

There is no hard and fast rule to protect your business from loss, but you can minimize it by doing the following acts;

  • Draw a plan before starting your business
  • Do extra efforts to save your birds from diseases
  • Create a warm and dry place as the first ad for an acute infection in few birds
  • Regularly examine your flock for any abnormalities
  • Clean any infected place in the farm/shed
  • Avoid animals contact
  • Restrictions on stranger’s visitation (save birds from pathogens)
  • Clean the farm/shed on a regular basis

These are few highly important acts, which every farmer should do to avoid any kind of loss. Broiler farming is progressing every day and many people have investments to take a quick start. We strongly suggest that before starting poultry business to provide white meat to the consumers, pay full attention to the business requirements and prerequisites to save your business form heavy loss.

Increase Your Profits

Planning, hard work, concentration, determination, quick response to the minute problems are the keys to successful business. Every vigilant act will contribute to increasing your profit ratio. We tried to drag your intention on every turn towards the keys to success. A single lethargic act can introduce you to a heavy and irreparable loss.

Increasing Needs of White Meat

Do You Want to Start Poultry Business?


It is a good gesture that consumption of white meat is increasing every day because the population is also increasing. The need for chicken meat creating a vacuum for broiler farming. This business is providing healthy chicken to the valued customers. Broiler farming is killing the hunger for white meat in the market. Moreover, chicken meat is money savor as compared to the mutton and beef.

Health Benefits of Chicken Meat

If we make a comparison between white and red meat, we will find that white meat is very low in fat which is quite safe for our health. Protein in chicken meat is highly digestive and our body can easily absorb it. Registered medical practitioners (RMP) are advising their patients to make a habit to consume white meat. This meat could not be a cause of cholesterol and heart diseases.


In short, poultry business is a profitable business, especially in Pakistan. The requirement for chicken meat is increasing day by day. You can progress in broiler farming if you have prepared yourself in proper skills and precautionary measures to save your farm/shed from dangers. Current chicken production is insufficient for the population. Poultry farms should be increased to fulfill the market need. More than 80% of our hotels, motels, restaurants, and fast food chains are cooking white meat to serve their customers. Go ahead, poultry business is ready to welcome innovative and smart ideas which you have in your mind to give a change in the poultry sector.

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