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Travel back to backyard activity – History of Poultry Production in Pakistan

You like stats or not, GDP value of Pakistan represents 0.46% of the World economy. And poultry production in Pakistan contributes to 1.30% of national GDP.

Now back to normal, Poultry production in Pakistan is very important and essence segment of agriculture in Pakistan. Let’s travel back to the last decades with us.

Introduction to History of Poultry Production

If you study the History of Poultry production you will come to know that it started in the 1960’s. It is ever since providing a main portion of proteins to Pakistani population.

In Pakistan the poultry production sector is playing a significant role in making a bridge of gap between demand and supply for protein.

The early phase of this sector was the result of:

  • Promotional Policies of Government
  • Poultry Farming Community
  • Free Sales and Income Tax
  • And Food Processing Industry

The Government considered the poultry production as an important part of the industries and gave some special incentives.


Importance of Poultry Production

Let’s get back to stats of most dynamic and well managed sector. The contribution off this sector is:

  • 26.8% of Total meat production
  • 5.76% of Agriculture sector
  • 1,26% of Overall GDP

In early 1970’s this sector performed 20%-30% growth per year. It even continued to grow at rate of 10%-15% in 1980’s.

And in recent years, poultry production has shown immense growth and shined as a source of employment for more than 1,5 million people of Pakistan.

History of Poultry production in Pakistan

In 1950’s chicken provided the source of eggs and meat on average 0.769 kg of meat at four month’s age and lay 30 eggs a year.

These birds used to raise as backyard activity to fulfill household needs.

Initiation Decade (1961-1970)

In this period early poultry ventures who were having financial issues, were strongly supported by the Government. There was no tax imposed on poultry production.

Poultry producers were allowed to import breeding which was genetically improved. They were also allowed to import equipment and this all was duty free.

The main forces behind building the early structure of the industry were:

  • Excellent Profit Margins
  • Availability of Technologies

These were having a full support of government of Pakistan. In order to provide more services to poultry farming community, the Directorate of Poultry production was established in Karachi.

Institutional Development Decade (1971-1980)

This period was characterized in 1979 with the establishment of Federal Poultry Board. It made a productive link between government and industry.

Now it was a time for research to match the World outside, so in 1978 Poultry Research institutions were established in Karachi and Rawalpindi.

This era considered as a boom period in the history of poultry production in Pakistan.

The Adjustment Decade (1980- 1990)

In this period, poultry industry got a different geographic relocation. There was a significant decrease in size and volume of poultry industry of Sindh province.

Number of problems arose in different areas. Diseases decreased the productivity due to climatic stress and hence required the actual solutions.

The farmers then decided to relocate their farms to comparatively cooler northern areas of Pakistan

Disastrous Disease and Re-emergence Decade (1991-2000)

There were heaps of disasters effected the industry in this phase, especially from diseases. In 1990’s Hydro Pericardium Syndrome caused a big time damage to the broilers and their breeds.

Gumboro disease also effected the broiler, parent and layer flocks in 1991.

While industry was looking to tackle these to diseases another outbreak in shape of Avian Influenza appeared in Murree and Abbotabad in 1995 and caused 80% of morality.

The emergence of these diseases was then talk of the town and that’s why industry took measures regarding biosecurity and vaccination.

For importing vaccine and medicines new companies were established. A very important role in development of history of poultry production in Pakistan was played by University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

Poultry Farming in recent Decades (2001-Untill Now)

It was a time when poultry production of Pakistan started to stabilize in late 1990’s because of:

  • Better profit margins on poultry products
  • Entrance of new investors
  • Adoption of modern technology
  • Environmentally controlled housing
  • Huge investments from investors etc.

The establishment of University of Veterinary and Animal Science in Lahore in 2002 was a big step forward for the fast growing industry in Pakistan.

This University provided solution of disease issues and trained personnel which played a significant role in history of poultry production in Pakistan.

As the poultry industry was enjoying a favorable growth with good profit margins however, the growth of poultry production of Pakistan was retarded with the emergence of avian influenza in South East Asia.

Despite of up and downs, Pakistan Poultry industry still attained (2001-2010):

  • 127% growth total number of birds produced
  • 126% growth in total meat production
  • 71% of total eggs produced

Till now meat and eggs are the cheapest available sources of protein in Pakistan from the poultry sector.

Current status

Poultry sector in Pakistan shown an excellent growth and potential over the decades but the per capita availability of poultry is still 5kg and 51 eggs per year.

When we compared it with developed countries the figures are 41 kg meat and 300 eggs.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), a person required 27g or protein per day but in Pakistan it is only 17g. Out of these the share of poultry protein is 5g.

So think positive! Think Protein!

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