Is White Meat Good for Health?

Is White Meat Good for Health?

Food, which is low in fat, and high in protein is strongly recommended for a good health by the doctors. According to the nutritionists, one cannot get essential amino acids and protein without eating meat. Meat can provide you a plenty of protein which is important the muscle formation as well as reconstruction of the damaged one.

Is White Meat Good for Health?

There are two major kinds of meat;

  1. White meat that includes Poultry and Fish.
  2. Red meat including Four-legged Land Animals.

Although, meat provides protein, numerous vitamins, and minerals to our body. There are few important medically proven facts that white meat has less protein content than the red meat.

Before picking the right choice about meat, we should know that what makes the meat white or red. The Myoglobin is responsible to make a meat red or white. Myoglobin is the cells that provide transport oxygen to the muscles that’s why muscles become darker.

Moreover, this is the basic reason that chicken and turkey legs are darker than the meat because their legs have more myoglobin. As per the nutrients, the red meat contains more vitamins, minerals, iron, zinc, and vit-B than white meat.

Difference Between White and Red Meat

The big difference between white and red meat is Fact content. White meat contains low fats than red meat. That’s why white meat is strongly recommended for the patients especially who are suffering heart disease.

Is White Meat Good for Health?

Red meat rich in fat that’s why cause high level of cholesterol in the bloodstream, which causes many medical issues like kidney failure, muscle fatigue, and high risk of a heart attack.

Moreover, consumption of a huge quantity of red meat can be a reason to cancers. The high level of minerals and vitamins can form carcinogenic compounds in the meat while cooking at high temperature.

Research Show that White Meat is the Right Choice

World Health Organization (WHO) certify that white meat is good for health and red meat can be a reason for many health problems. WHO also signed the study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that red meat like bacon and salami is in the same carcinogenic category as the tobacco smoke and diesel engine exhaust.

For a Healthy Diet Plan

To make a healthy diet you should eat white and red meat because both have numerous benefits. It is good to add both of them to your daily diet. However, white meat has low fat and myoglobin that’s why it is very much safe to eat. Some benefits of white meat are as under;

  1. Low-Calorie
  2. Low Fat.
  3. Low Cholesterol.

Is White Meat Good for Health?

White meat is highly perishable, it can be affected by the bacteria quickly. If you are planning to store white meat then you must be very careful about the place and the meat carrier.

White meat is very popular in Pakistan, it is used in different traditional recipes either in kitchen cooking or ceremonies. It is a healthy sign that people love to eat white meat instead of red meat. Especially, credit goes to the poultry industry, which is providing a healthy chicken to the people.

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