Nutritional Benefits We Get from Eating Chicken in Pakistan

Nutritional Benefits We Get from Eating Chicken in Pakistan

Chicken meat is widely available and it’s relatively less expensive considering its nutrient content. For that reason, a lot of people are eating chicken in Pakistan. In this article, we look at the relationship between health and chicken meat consumption in detail.

Health and consumption of meat have a direct relationship. Different types of meat have different effects on our health, as supported by various scientific studies.

Nutritional Benefits We Get from Eating Chicken in Pakistan

Chicken meat has a moderate energy content and highly digestive proteins. These proteins have a lower level of collagen so they are easy for our bodies to digest. Chicken meat also provides other nutritional value and including the following essential nutrients.

  • B-group vitamins such as thiamin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6
  • Minerals such as zinc, iron, and copper

Those who consume poultry in Pakistan in moderation will have less likelihood of suffering from diseases caused by lack of nutrition. Adding chicken to your daily diet balances nutrients in your food.

In addition to the nutritional benefits we get from eating chicken in Pakistan, it also helps us to stay health. In fact, moderate poultry consumption reduces likelihood of getting Type-2 Diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases. Some studies have also supported the claim that chicken meat consumption lowers the risk of various cancers.

Effective Effects of Chicken on Human Health:  

There are several studies conducted all over the world in terms of population, food preferences and nutritional habits which provide significant information on the relation between health and diet. With the help of these studies it makes a solid relation between poultry consumption within a healthy diet and reduction in the risk of developing CV (Cardio Vascular) diseases and their relative risk factors i.e. overweight, tumors and insulin resistance.

Chicken in Pakistan and its derived products provide several quantities of valuable nutrients at higher level as compared to the other food. The animal’s diet and their genetic pattern directly effects the quality of animal’s fat and the amount of nutrients. Heating and cooling processes is having normal effect on nature of chicken meat, related to the connection of nutrients along with the fat and decrease the water content.

Chicken breasts and chicken thighs with skin are the energetic value of chicken meats in Pakistan. Its fat content admires the caloric value of almost 25-30%

It should be kept in mind that heating also effect the energetic content which is increased by almost 30-50% along with skin. There is a loss of water during this cooking and heating process.


Nutritional Benefits We Get from Eating Chicken in Pakistan

Poultry meat/Chicken meat just like other meats I.e. milk, eggs contains the protein content of high quality. The food derived from animals have a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) value same or a bit below one (13)

On the other hand, food derived from plants which is almost having a same quantity of protein are actually having less favorable protein content. They actually lacking on one or more normal amino acids which are hard to digest and that’s why have a lower a Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS)

In most of the meats the protein content lies between 15 to 35% depending on the water and fat content of the meat. Cooking also increases the protein concentration up to 60% in weight of skinless chicken drumstick.

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The fats. Specially the saturated fats in chicken meat has an excess intake of the healthy nutrients and bad health matters.  Fats are 25 to 35% of the whole energy, so the average intake of 2000 kcal and almost 70 or more grams of the nutrients a day

The muscular part of chicken meat lacks in visible fat and having a normally lipid content and unfortunately further reduce over last years. And for this reason poultry farming techniques in Pakistan and the quality of feed should be appreciated.

When it comes to nutrition, we always prefer poultry fat, as it has a large amount of monounsaturated fat acids. We can say third of total fat is saturated. Thanks to the feed derived from vegetable rich in long-chain omega-3 or n-3 fatty acids.


Foods derived from animals is having few carbohydrates and are found necessary in plat based foods. Glycogen is naturally happening carbohydrates in muscle. This content has a rapid decrease in butchering. In poultry chicken of Pakistan glucose and sucrose are added in manufacturing process.

Vitamins and minerals

Poultry chicken is rich in hydrophilic vitamins and it helps ideally source of vitamin B12. The content of B-group vitamins like pantothenic acid, vitamin B6 and niacin in poultry chicken in Pakistan are almost same to the other meats and that is the reason and actually diminish during cooking and heating. Red meat is very necessary in Vitamins B12. Poultry in Pakistan supplies a significant amount of niacin.

Poultry chicken provides a lot of minerals. Poultry also provides large variability in iron concentration in different types of meats. It provides 1.4mg of iron, in 100g of chicken thighs as compared to 1.3mg equal to the same amount of rump steak.

In chicken sodium is present in fresh meat in a small amount and does not mainly contribute to total dietary intake. On the other hand, processed meat contents contains very high amount of sodium, added as preservative.

Poultry chicken is also a significant source of selenium. Besides copper, zinc, B vitamins and hemi iron are highly consumed with meat

Weight control/obesity

Nutritional Benefits We Get from Eating Chicken in Pakistan

Weight management are supported by benefits of protein consumption along with the animal proteins. The same amount of carbohydrates and protein in one serving of intake decrease the whole glycemic content of meal. Besides increase in body weight is directly associated with high intakes of poultry meat. For example an addition of 250g in daily meat intake is associated  with an increased 2kg weight gain up to 5 years both in average and overweight men/women. An addition of 1,750kg of meat per week is basically large serving size and it corresponds up to 450 addition kcal per day

Cardiovascular diseases

The effect of protein intake concerning the CV health seems to depend on dietary sources. One daily intake serving of poultry with red meat reduce CV risk by almost 19%

Its benefits are the reduction of sodium and hemi iron and increases the polyunsaturated fats. That’s why the consumption of poultry chicken meat gives you a powerful strategy to diminish the coronary risks. Especially cholesterol hemi iron and saturated fats are higher in red vs white meats. These are the factors involved in atherosclerotic processes, chronic disease and CV risk factors such as endothelial , dysfunction, insulin resistance, hypertension, hypocholesterolemia and type-2 diabetes.

The consumption level of various meats and coronary risk diseases can be extended from the examination of red meat, white meat and processed meat.


Type-2 diabetes

There are significant findings that how a better lifestyle reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes by working on several factors, including huge amount of fat, especially saturated fats. Studies in early 20th century have emphasized that the mortality of diabetes increases and gets parallel to increased Westernization of society, and also by high consumption of meat. Research has confirmed a strong link between insulin resistance and hyperinflation and animal origin’s saturated fat.

Nutritional Benefits We Get from Eating Chicken in Pakistan

Poultry consumption’s benefits have been described by different types of effects on intake on progressive nature of diabetes. There are plenty of nutritional factors which potentially increase the risk of diabetes and hemi iron played a lead role iin it because it causes and increase in insulin resistance and oxidative stress


There are high or very high consumption levels of animal products in population, which shown that excessive meat intake is a basic risk o =f significant cancer. The hemi iron, sodium, saturated fats and N-nitrous compounds and the hetero-cyclic aromatic amines made during high pressure cooking have been described as possible factors are in  relation with meat-cancer

The digestive systems are more associated with the consumption of animal products for all types of Cancer. In several meta-analysis the exclusion of involvement of white meat in cancer is confirmed.

Poultry meat consumption and the overall quality of the diet in various stages of life

FAO has evaluated the relevance of poultry meats for humans. Meat and eggs are greatly beneficial for humans and it provides you the high quality protection and of course the low level of fat with a people of fatty acids.

If lean meat is well-cooked are to be feed during pregnancy

At the time of growth chicken is a valuable component of balanced diet and it fulfills the basic requirement of specific growth.

Poultry chicken in Pakistan is even perfect for advanced stages of growth because of level of minerals and especially the iron

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