organic and free range chicken

Food Safety First – Organic and free range chicken

Organic and free range chicken

Do you know the background of a chicken? Yes, there are two popular labels for chicken that take you closer to the chicken itself.

Let us tell you about these back ends of a chicken because these are going to be part of our body in shape of proteins.

Organic and free range chicken are the two most talked labels of chicken. You will find yourself taking interest in chicken courtesy this article.

Organic Chicken

Organic chicken is the chicken refers to growing these birds and raising their standards by the government institution. These must meet the standards by U.S Department of Agriculture.

These mainly focus on avoiding the synthetic chemicals and wrong source of animal food. It limits the amount of outdoor access.

What are organic Food Products?

Food products following the rules imposed by the U.S Department of Agriculture are Organic food products. Keeping these standards means avoiding chemicals, fertilizers, hormones and antibiotics.

Foods that are 100% organic should absolutely compile with the Government Standards. And the 70% organic content needs organic ingredients to be organic.

Role of USDA regarding Organic Chicken

United States Department of Agriculture address the broader issues of animal living conditions and situations.

USDA ensures that there should be an access to pasture for organic labeled chicken. USDA includes following requirements.

  • Access to outside
  • Direct sunlight
  • Fresh air
  • And freedom of movement

Free Range Chicken

Free range chicken does not address the chemicals and food resources. In this case chickens have ability to access the outdoor.

Free range chicken unfortunately does not qualify as an organic chicken. This is a significant difference between organic and free range chicken.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Free Range Chicken

USDA imposed some standards on producers to demonstrate that the poultry must have allowed access of outside during raising.

There is no specific description that how much time should be allowed of outside access and how much time which makes it a bit ambiguous.

Both organic and free range chicken are looked after by USDA in order to get best of the chicken

Nutrition of Organic and Free range chicken.

Organic and free range chicken, both terms only addresses the production process of food and the final product or nutritional value.

According to USDA organic chickens have small nutritional differences from raised foods.

Another small study by “British Poultry Science” indicates an eating preference for conventionally raised chicken over organic and free range chicken.

Wrap up

The main purpose of this article is to make consumer aware that where the food comes from? Don’t be afraid to ask the question that what you think may be obvious.

As a good consumer always make sure you buying high quality and high protein meat which is of course organic!

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