Poultry Production – Everything You Need to Know

Poultry Production – Everything You Need to Know

What are the poultry products? How are chickens produced? How much does a chicken farmer make a year? What is a poultry processor?

These are common questions that white meat consumers ask. To find the answer to these important queries related to poultry production in Pakistan, you will have to read through this comprehensive poultry production guide.

Poultry Production – Everything You Need to Know

What is poultry?

Poultry production is an integral part of our modern food chain. This innovative and high-tech industry puts eggs and chicken meat on our table.

Chicken meat is produced after a complex and carefully-monitored procedure. Poultry producers/farmers in Pakistan are continually working on improving genetic material to improve nutritional value and weight of the bird. Even husbandry techniques have come a long way to support mass chicken production in the country.

What are the poultry products?

Poultry products are divided into two main categories;

  1. Kinds of Poultry
  2. Parts of Poultry Meet

Poultry Production – Everything You Need to Know

Chicken, turkey, broiler, duck, goose, and pigeon are the major kinds of poultry products. There are many farms are progressing for all kinds of poultry. On the other hand, kinds of poultry meet include Whole Chicken, , Breast, Boneless, Skinless Breast, Whole Chicken Leg, Boneless, Skinless Leg,  and Giblets. All of them we are looking in the market as well as at our dining table. Food is no more delicious if it is chickenless.

How is chicken produced? Lifting the curtain from poultry production

This is the most important section in the poultry business, as you know any farming is based upon a series of stages. Therefore, chicken farming is revolving around 7 stages which are as under;

  1. A Breeder flocks
  2. A Pullet farms
  3. A Breeder houses
  4. A Hatchery
  5. Broiler farm
  6. Processing and further-processing
  7. Distribution of the chicken in the market

There was a time when people were adopting each of above stage as a separate business, but today, every stage is interlinked. These processes are helping to enhance the production of chicken and its quality.

Poultry Production – Everything You Need to Know

What is a poultry processor?

After making a lot of experiments, beard losses, and risk management.
Poultry farming reached to the new horizon that there should be some useful processes to achieve best poultry production. Some of the key processors are as under;

  1. Live Bird Handling
  2. Evisceration
  3. Overhead Grading & Distribution
  4. Cut-up
  5. Deboning, Skinning & Trimming
  6. Chilling
  7. Portion cutting
  8. Meat Harvesting
  9. Marinating & Tumbling
  10. Convenience food production
  11. Sausage making
  12. Freezing
  13. Grading & Batching
  14. Process control
  15. Internal Logistics
  16. Weighing (Scales)
  17. Water Treatment

How much does a poultry farmer earn annually in Pakistan?

Poultry farming is a very profitable business. The high pricing of beef and mutton, chicken is quite easy to purchase. Of course, your investments in this business re-pay you in a very short time. Moreover, there are few life hazards to the chicken during processing. If a farmer plans and counters the hazards smartly, he can touch the sky in this business.

Poultry Production – Everything You Need to Know

There is a myth that if you have 60-70 million PKR then you can become successful commercially. But, in fact, there is some handsome money required to start a poultry business.  You can provide a controlled environment to the chicks till the ready flock.

The good news for you is that there is a huge consumption of chicken and still there is a vacuum to excel. There are some stats which shows that poultry farmer is earning very handsome income from this business. So, be optimistic and determined then there is nothing impossible to get fame as well as huge earnings.


In short, poultry business is getting boom day by day and the poultry farmer is the person who can provide a healthy chicken in the market. A farmer can set up his poultry business and starts earning without getting any trouble. Moreover, there should be some control for the black sheep, who are injuring the poultry farmer by their rumors and false myths.

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