Quick Overview of the Risks Facing Poultry Farms

Quick Overview of the Risks Facing Poultry Farms

Poultry business in Pakistan is getting boom day by day. The main reason behind this fame is, no doubt, of two dimensions. Its first dimension runs towards the healthy, full of nutrients, and money saving chicken meat. On the other hand, the second dimension leading us towards a prosperous, high earnings rate, and low risk in poultry farming.

There are some precautionary measures as well as few managerial acts which may reduce the risks to a minimal level. Without further ado, let’s discuss the risks to the poultry farming for beginners.

Quick Overview of the Risks Facing Poultry Farms

Generally, there are two types of risks;

1. Internal Risks
2. External Risks

Internal Risks

Under this head, risks involved under;

a) Infected Place

If your place is not properly disinfected then your newly born chick will definitely enter the danger zone and you will face a heavy loss.

b) Temperature

Temperature has a key role in poultry farming, in winter a hot environment is necessary as well as in summer a cool air with proper ventilation is required. If temperature fluctuates then your chicks will face many life harming issues.

c) Sudden Changes in Availability of Light

Sunlight or broad-spectrum artificial light is very useful for the chicks to maintain their calcium level. As you know calcium is an important mineral for healthy bones.

d) Improper Medication/Vaccination

Medicine/Vaccine administration must be on time. The unnecessary delay may cause severe health hazards to the birds.

Quick Overview of the Risks Facing Poultry Farms

e) Wrong Food at Every age level

Prescribed food kinds like pre-starter, starter etc. must be given to the chicks according to their need and advise by the manufacturer.

f) Outburst Disease/infection

This is very important to highlight here that if one chick is infected, this will spread the infection to the rest of your flock.

g) Heart Attack Due to Dehydration

Mostly in summer, dehydration occurs due to the insufficient supply of water in the shed. This will become a silent killer for your birds.

h) Improper Knowledge towards Ready Bird

After 42-45 days, when the bird is ready to harvest, it is very important to harvest and deliver in the market. If you have improper knowledge then your feed expense will wither away your profits.

External Risks

Of course, there are many external risks, which can destroy all of your efforts. Those risks are as under;

a) People Carrying Pathogens

The person who is visiting your farm carrying pathogens which, after spending silent period cause very serious problems for your birds.

b) Infected Equipment

All or any of your equipment using to administer any kind of food or medicine is not properly sterilized. This will become a reason for different kinds of diseases.

Quick Overview of the Risks Facing Poultry Farms

c) Wild Animals and Plants/Bushes

Wondering wild animals and shrubs growing around the shed will be a strong carrier of diseases.

d) Insects, Vermin, and Domestic Animals

Your guard dog, cow, buffalo, or goat will also become a strong reason for causing infections and diseases to your chicks.

e) Feed and Water are Infected

This is a most important external danger for your running flock. The pots of water or feed, if not properly washed or disinfected then you are at high risk of loss.

f) Bad Ventilation

In the shed, there are many chemicals used to ensure disinfection and other cleansing formulas administered as air-cleaner, which if left for more than a reasonable time period will change into the very dangerous air and can kill all of your chicks/birds.


Where poultry farming is a profitable business as there are many risks which are running parallel to the profit rate. If you take it lightly and give them a reasonable time to settle against your planned workout. This lethargic attitude will result in a complete loss of the business.
To decrease the loss rate at a low level, you must take into consideration all necessary anti-risk tasks as discussed above. This will reduce your loss, increase your profit rate and solid sustainability in the business sector.

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