Some Interesting Facts about Chicken Life and White Meat – Poultry Chicken

Some Interesting Facts about Chicken Life and White Meat – Poultry Chicken

The chicken was kept as a domestic bird for centuries. This bird is providing us meat and eggs to make our food full of nutrition. Today, there are a lot of food recopies in which chicken or eggs are being used. This chicken entered into a new era when people started keeping them in poultry farms.

Baby chicks placed on a farm or shed and farm owner provide them all necessary needs to raise them for commercial benefits. After 42-45 days a chicken is ready to harvest. By doing this, many farmers are earning a huge money in the world and especially in Pakistan.

Some Interesting Facts about Chicken Life and White Meat – Poultry Chicken

We all know that a chicken pair consists of one rooster and a hen. They start mating, producing eggs and after hatching, process chicks come to extend this short family. But there are few more interesting facts which are absolutely hidden from most of us.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the interesting facts;

Interesting Facts

To make these facts easier to understand, we made them into three categories;

  1. How chicken became domestic
  2. Transformation of chicken from an egg to hatched baby
  3. Nutrients in chicken meat

How chicken became domestic

Today’s chicken is descendant of Gray Junglefowl Hybrid and Red Junglefowl. First time in the world, idea to domesticate junglefowl originated in the northern parts of India. Gray Junglefowl was domesticated before the Red Junglefowl as data collected from the historical contents.

It took very long time to become familiar with the humans. The needs of the junglefowl were also unknown to the bird keepers, which made the bird farming more difficult. But, this hard time gives a lot of awareness about the junglefowl to the people.

Then a big twist came into the junglefowl family when next breed started showing some magnificent changes according to their need. After thousands of breeds chicken took the place of their ancestors. Now we are keeping different breeds of chicken at homes and at commercial places for chicken as food.

Some Interesting Facts about Chicken Life and White Meat – Poultry Chicken

Transformation of chicken from an egg to a hatched baby

The whole process of hatching is really a rewarding and a complex series of acts. There must be good planning, observation, and dedication to the work to achieve the targets. A fertile egg takes 21 days to hatch, even in the incubator the days of hatching remains the same. This process further divided into three stages;

  1. Fertile eggs
  2. Importance of roosters
  3. Choose the way to hatching process

Fertile Eggs

The most important thing in the hatching is fertile eggs. If you choose them rightly then your hatching rate will be according to your expectations. A hen can only lay fertile eggs in the presence of the roosters. Fertile eggs are also hatched in the poultry business.

Without a successful mating, a hen lays infertile eggs which can never be hatched. You can even get fertile eggs from some renowned hatchery or from a poultry farmer.

Importance of Roosters

Hatching process is dependent upon the hen as well as upon the roosters also. You can say the dependency is at 50-50 proportion. Rooster is responsible for fertilization of eggs and hatchery also. You should select the rooster so wisely because the rooster can create problems for you. It can cause overbred or injure the hen during hatchery. If the rooster and hen are a fine pair then your hatching is no more problem for you.

Choose the Way for Hatching Process

There are two ways for the hatchery, one is for domestic use and the second one is for commercial purposes.

  1. Hatching through a broody hen
  2. Hatching through incubator

Hatching Through a Broody Hen

When ascendants of chicken were domesticated first time, this process was started by those people. A broody hen is actually a breeding mode in which she broods the eggs naturally either domestically or in the poultry business. She provides a constant temperature and regularly rotates the eggs for proper brooding.

Selkies, Cochins, Orpington and Old English Games are the most common breeds of broody hens. When the hen wants to re-arrange his features and eat food, she leaves the eggs, which were covered by the rooster quickly. This is the second most important reason to have a rooster during the hatching process.

Some Interesting Facts about Chicken Life and White Meat – Poultry Chicken

Hatching Through Incubator

Incubators are being used commercially for hatching process. You have to do two acts consciously, which are maintaining the constant temperature and to rotate the eggs at regular intervals for 18 days from the date when eggs were placed in an incubator. Incubators are mostly being used for poultry farming in Pakistan.

You must ensure the protection of incubator form the following issues;

  • Ensure constant temperature
  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Avoid animal contact
  • Keep children away
  • Rotate eggs for 18 days


Candling is a process in which you can inspect the eggs after 7 to 10 days of brooding. This method will let you observe the embryo formation in the egg. You can perform this action by using a candle or a small torch. Hold the egg in the hand by making a ring, then put the light from the downside. By using this method, you can replace the infertile egg with other fertile egg.

Nutrients in Chicken

Many of healthy and diet conscious people are unaware of the chicken meat nutrition. It is a fact the white meat is full of protein and other minerals, which are essential for our good health.

Do you know that 4 ounces of cooked chicken contains approximately 337 calories?

Some Interesting Facts about Chicken Life and White Meat – Poultry Chicken

If you use fried chicken as food then you can intake the double of the calories. Our body can extract about 30 different nutritional substances from 100gm of white meat. Moreover, this 100gm of chicken meat protein provide about 916 kilojoules energy to our body.

Our body extracts 900 calories then this contains about 50gm fats, 200 milligrams cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins, and oils. If you consume this quantity at night then you must do exercise in the morning.

There are more than 50% of fast food restaurants, and hotels along with motels are cooking fried chicken. Soup is a delicious dish for everyone. If you stuck with cold then the soup is a remedy. Moreover, Stewing hens are basically used to make soup products.

Another interesting fact about chicken meat is that, in ancient times, Blancmange was made with the white meat, red meat, and sugar. Chicken production now becomes commercial, healthy white meat is a necessary ingredient in our daily diet plan.

Poultry farming is facing different kinds of diseases which are affecting the production. But, keen observers, utilizing conscious, and being determined poultry farmers are fighting against the diseases and providing different parts of chicken meat in the market.

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