Tips to Save Energy Cost in Poultry Business

Tips to Save Energy in Poultry Business

Present need of chicken meat protein is higher than the past. The growth of broiler farming is increasing as the requirement is touching the sky. To fill this requirement poultry farmers are playing an important role in the world, especially in Pakistan. They can easily achieve better profits if they lower energy in poultry business.

Chicken as food is so much popular because it is low in fat and high in protein. Although poultry business is so expensive you can reduce your expenditures by doing few steps. These steps are totally based on your common sense.

Tips to Save Energy Cost in Poultry Business

How to reduce cost of energy in poultry business?

Among the other steps, reduce the electricity cost is very important to discuss. Without further ado, let’s jump on those steps, which will enable you to take control of your power expenditure;

  1. Do energy audit
  2. Control air leakages
  3. Insulate the roof
  4. Air stirring
  5. Proper ventilation
  6. Manage litters
  7. Use the latest tech
  8. Do regular cleaning
  9. Tune your equipment
  10. Shift to other power sources

To find out irregularities, do an audit of your electricity consumption. By doing this you will be able to regulate those identified irregularities. Moreover, you will get exact stats of your demand and consumption to improve mismanagement.

Air leakages are a major factor in high energy cost in poultry business

Air leakages are directly affecting power consumption in poultry farming. There are mainly two types of leakages, which are reciprocal to each other. Leakage loses the inner cool air to escape and warm air from outer atmosphere enter into the shed. This leakage results in long-term fan working spell to control the temperature. Fill the cracks in the roof, walls, and packing of the tunnels inlets. You can do a static pressure test to find out leaking.

Tips to Save Energy in Poultry Business

Try insulation, this will save from external temperature fluctuations. You can insulate the walls and roof, which will indirectly reduce your electricity usage. Poultry shed must be constructed after making a technical test for sun rise and sun set for summer as well as for winter season. You can also use paints having insulation properties on walls.

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Better litter management can help you save energy in poultry business

In boiler farming to remove hot air from floor level is quite necessary. This will also help to dry the litter, which will reduce the heater working time. Excellent litter management will also help to reduce ammonia production. If your shed is correctly ventilated then ammonia will not cause any harm to the birds. Moreover, your fixed turning vanes, splitters and airflow straighteners will remove ammonia and add fresh air to the shed.

Now, energy efficient electric motors are available in the market. You should replace the old tech motors with latest equipped tech motors. Water pumps are also available, which are extremely energy efficient and according to the needs of the poultry business. Not only motors but you can use energy efficient lighting equipment, which will remarkably reduce your electric consumption.

Keeping fans and other equipment clean is a key to save energy in poultry business

One more thing that is directly affecting the electricity expense is a dirty fan, screens, shutters and cooling pads. If you do not give proper dusting or cleaning then installed equipment consume more power to maintain the required temperature in the shed. Here is catch point; you must do proper maintenance of all your installed equipment on regular basis. A fine-tuned equipment will perform according to the manufacturer’s guaranty as well as according to your requirements and help you save energy in poultry business.

Tips to Save Energy Cost in Poultry Business

Lifting the curtails from a bitter reality, which is electric load shedding in Pakistan, you will have to move to adopt some alternative energy sources. You can use biogas, solar power, wind, and wood gasification to minimize the electricity cost. If you have planned to install any kind of alternatives then you must calculate the expenditures for equipment installation and your requirements.


Chicken meat nutrition now becomes essential for our daily diet. To spend a healthy life, you must think for the healthy food, which is low in fat, digestible, and free from chemicals. Poultry farming is providing a healthy white meat to the market. No doubt this business is facing many hurdles to progress and the huge cost is one of the main expenditure. Electricity is playing a vital role in this regard. You can adopt above-mentioned steps to save energy in poultry business and spend the saved money for the other latest tech to generate more chicken meat for the people.

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