Treat Chiken like African

Treat Chicken Like African – South Africa Broiler Industry

There are approximately 700 million chicken that has gone to our belly via KFC Africa till date.  KFC in Africa uses 2.2 million chickens per week which makes it the country’s most popular fast food.

If you are a chicken lover, don’t only eat it, treat chicken like African, and here we’ll tell you why?

The broiler chicken industry Is one of the biggest contributors of country’s tax infrastructure. The consumption of chicken shows very bright stats in Africa. South Africa Broiler Industry is booming now days!


Consumption of Chicken in Africa

The broiler chicken industry slaughters about 19 million broilers a week to feed Africans. Almost 20% of this equation ends up in fast food sector. South Africa Broiler Industry is expanding in food markets across the country.

KFC has a dominance in fast food market, it makes difficult for the other brands to make a significant impact in this category.

As main source of Animal Protein

In Africa it takes almost 30 days to be slaughtered after hatching. Chicken cost more to feed then the weight they gain.

According to the officials of South Africa Broiler Industry to maintain poultry stock, the industry needs almost 27 tons of chicken. It should be available to be delivered to market weekly. Yes, it’s heaps.

African’s “Eggology

When it comes to egg thing, the Africans are world’s biggest poultry producers. Eggs are very amazing source of protein and it is a part of your daily food intake.

Chickens have a high mortality rate in very early stages of their lives. So the production of more and more eggs is always the first priority. A real Afro-American or Negro blood treat chicken like African in all aspects from its production to marketing and consumption.

Is there any risk involved in industry during production?

Causing of an imbalance is a normal thing in poultry chicken industry. This industry is highly subjected to ensure and minimize diseases.

Sometimes there is a problem with the machinery in poultry chicken production that leads to crises. So all need to be done is keeping things under control and risk free.

What is importance of poultry production in Africa?

Protein breeding is all it starts with. Poultry provides Africans with foods and fiber in the form of meat and eggs. Birds came from broilers are kept for 6 to 7 weeks and then are processed in to cut-parts.

In addition to the vast quantities of local chicken consumed in SA weekly, frozen chicken imports mean the equivalent of about 8 million birds are imported weekly from places like Latin and North America, where the bone-in darker meats are regarded almost as a byproduct of the more sought-after breast meat.

Sources of South Africa Broiler Industry says that South Africans therefore consume about 28 million chickens a week.

Roughly half a bird per person, per week, 52 weeks a year. 26 whole chickens. That’s a lot of bird.

Selected male and female broilers of a specific breeds are mated. And then the eggs are collected from them. Chicken eggs are incubated for almost 20 days.

Summing up

It is being 150 million years; poultry have been on earth. Praising Africa means you need to think how to make use of chicken as food and as an asset.

We are not far behind from Africa, but they took it to the next level. So that it is helping them to develop the economy and their Tax department.

Listen, whenever to hear a word chicken, be African! So always treat chicken like African !

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